Ad-on Equipment

Do you have extra wishes?

Whether functional or for pleasure, we have the right accessories for you on your camping trip. From the hammock to the bedspread to the bike rack, everything is included.


Premium Pillow & Blanket

Restful sleep is something you don’t want to miss out on when camping. That’s why we’re providing you with the Premium 4-Season Blanket and the cosy Memory Foam Pillow by Blackroll for optimal comfort.

The blanket measures 135×200 cm and is hypoallergenic. The pillow offers different sides for various sleeping position.

Porta Potti

Camping toilet

The subject of camping toilets concerns us all when we are on the road without a water connection and drainage. This is where the world-famous camping toilet “Porta Potti” comes to the rescue. The portable toilet can be taken along comfortably and takes up hardly any space.

The Porta Potti consists of a toilet bowl with removable toilet seat and a fresh water & waste tank.


Slackline Set

You want to put your skills to the test? No problem! We’ll be happy to provide you with the Buzzard slackline set for your trip. The slackline can be stretched between 2 trees in no time at all. 2 tree protectors are included to protect the bark of the tree.

The slackline in Maya look can be stretched 15 metres and has a width of 5 cm. Time to put your balance to the test!

Ticket to the Moon


The hammock that fits in your pocket. The hammock by Ticket to the Moon is hard to beat when it comes to minimalism, without sacrificing quality or comfort. It is made of parachute silk and offers space for 1-2 people.

It can be set up quickly and intuitively, without any tedious knot-tying. The hammock is also sustainable: Ticket to the Moon processes all cuttings and waste materials in the production process.


Stand-Up Paddleboard

No matter where you are, just inflate the SUP and float across the water. That´s why we would like to supply you with the Stand-Up Board from JP. The SUPs are suitable for absolute beginners thanks to the excellent stability. The board offers space for up to 2 adults.

The paddle is assembled from three easy-to-use parts and completes the SUP set together with the air pump and the fin.

Sea To Summit

Tek Towel

This super-absorbent and quick-drying towel is the ideal companion for your next holiday. Whether for camping, showering or lying on the beach. With this towel you are well equipped for any occasion.

The towel is lightweight, machine washable and made from a microfibre blend for a soft terry feel.


Charcoal grill

How about a barbecue to go? The charcoal barbecue from Knister is very easy to assemble and dismantle. The legs can also be converted so that the grill can easily be turned into a basket for carrying purposes.

After removing the coals, the barbecue cools down within 5 minutes and can be packed away again. Ideal for a BBQ when camping!



Bicycle carrier

Camping alone is great, but you know what’s even better? That’s right, camping and bringing along a bike! You can go anywhere in an instant, whether it’s to get a roll or go on a whole tour by the sea or around the lake.

That’s why we’re happy to provide you with a bicycle carrier for your journey. It’s easy to attach to the boot and offers space for your bike no matter where you’re going.

Ramp wedges

Another important accessory for your next road trip: drive-on chocks. You should definitely not go on the road without them! The wedges are easy to store and quickly at hand when it comes to parking the camper for the night.

The pitches we choose are not always 100% straight and no one wants to lie tilted in their bed or run the risk of the saucepan slipping off the hob. To compensate for these unevennesses in the ground, ramp wedges are ideal!

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Slightly longer and wider than a skateboard and ideal for skating off into the sunset. We’re talking about longboards, of course. We’ll be happy to give you one for a small surcharge when you go on your trip.

Easy to store and always ready for use, a longboard is the ideal companion for your next road trip.

Snow chains

Probably less important if you are on tour on the Mediterranean coast, but an absolute must for road trips in winter or in Nordic countries. If the roads are very snowy or icy, it can happen that you don’t get that far with your camper.

To avoid such a scenario and a possible call to the ADAC, we will of course provide you with snow chains if required.

Roof tent insulation

In the colder seasons or in Nordic countries, it can get very chilly, especially at night. Of course, we have the right roof tent insulation for you!

The insulation keeps the cold out and the warmth in – after all, no one likes to sleep in freezing temperatures. For assembly instructions, just take a look at our YouTube channel!


Child seat

For many families, a holiday in a camper van is ideal. To ensure optimal safety for children while driving, a child seat is of course essential.

A child seat is compulsory for children up to 150 cm tall or 12 years old – at least in Germany.



Child seat for toddlers

For the even smaller fellow travelers we have of course also a toddler seat ready. It combines safety and comfort and makes your vacation easier.

The toddler seat is recommended for children from 9 months and is designed for a body weight of 8-36 kilograms.

Child safety lock for the roof bed

Since the roof tent is accessible via an opening in the floor above the driver’s cabin, this poses a moderate risk for children who also want to sleep in the roof tent at some point.

That’s why we’re happy to give you a child safety lock for the roof bed to minimize the risk of injury to small children.