Winter camping

Your advantages with winter camping

You can perfectly spend a long weekend in the snow and go to the most beautiful places for winter sports with your camper.

You will find important infos and tipps in our winter camping guide at the end of this page.

Camper Hygge

Our campers give you silence and peace in a cozy and warm igloo on four wheels.

No mass tourism

Have a nice holiday far away from crowded campsites - for a very good price!

Winter sport

No matter if you go skiing or snowshoeing - Your camper takes you to winter paradise.

Which campers are suitable for winter campig

VW Grand California 600

The VW Grand California 600 is a small winter hut on four wheels. It has an integrated auxiliary heater and a hot water system. So you will not be cold and are ready for winter camping. To be perfectly equipped, you should book thermal mats for the front and side windows.

Important: If you use the water system in the camper, you must ensure that the interior temperature is at least 8 degrees Celsius throughout.

Rent VW Grand California

VW California Beach & Ocean

With auxiliary heating and all-season tires, the Bulli is a good choice for winter camping. You should book thermal mats for the front and side windows and the cap (CaliCab) for the pop-up roof. The CaliHeat heating tube leads the heat of the auxiliary heating into the pop-up roof.

Rent VW California Beach
Rent VW California Ocean

Additional winter equipment

Thermal mats for the front and side windows

The thermal mats are placed from the outside over the front and side windows. They keep the cold away from your camper at night and the heat inside the vehicle. So you don’t have to ice scrape in the morning.

Price: 29€
Recommendation: For all campers

CaliCap pop-up roof isolation

The CaliCap is a cap for the pop-up roof of the VW California Ocean and Beach. It ensures that no heat escapes through the tent and you have it nice and warm both at the campsite and in the winter camping idyll.

Price: 39€
Recommendation: VW California Beach & Ocean

CaliHeat heating tube for the pop-up roof

The CaliHeat heating tube will guarantee you warm night in the camper ! It is attached to the auxiliary heater and transfers the warm air into the pop-up roof. So you are guaranteed not to get cold feet.

Price: 29€
Recommendation: VW California Beach & Ocean

Snow chains

The snow chains are put on the drive axles and ensure safe driving, even on snowy roads.

The snow chains are only bookable on request and can not be selected within the booking route as additional equipment. Feel free to contact if needed.

Winter camping guide

How to camp in cold regions

Camping has (almost) no limits! With the right preparation and equipment, winter camping is at least as comfortable as camping in the summer and even a bit more adventurous.

All our campers have a diesel auxiliary heating, so you always have it warm. For an especially cozy trip, the following should be on your packing list:

  • Fluffy blanket
  • Warm socks
  • Hot-water bottle
  • Thermos
  • Chain of lights
  • All kind of winter outdoor clothing
In addition, you can also book our winter equipment. With this you are really prepared for everything!
  • Thermal mat for the front and side windows | 29€
  • Snow chains | 39€
  • CaliCap pop-up roof isolation (for VW California Beach & Ocean) | 39€
  • CaliHeat heating tube for pop-up roof (for VW California Beach & Ocean) | 29€

On our blog you find more winter camping inspiration:

What you need to keep in mind when camping in cold climates

Be well prepared! Think of the right equipment, plan your trip well and do not forget that some campsites are open only in summer.

Everything about the auxiliary heating and a warm camper

Our campers have a diesel auxiliary heater. For a warm temperature in the camper, it does not have to run continuously at the highest level. We recommend that you set the heater to 18-22 degrees when you are in the camper during the day. At night the heater should be set to 16-18 degrees. When you leave the camper, the heater should still be running at 8-9 degrees. If you are traveling with the VW California Ocean or Beach, you should always close the pop-up roof when leaving the camper.

Important: If you use the water system in the camper, you must ensure that the inside temperature is consistently at least 8 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, the water in the pipes will freeze and cause serious damage to the camper.

Diesel consumption auxiliary heating:
Don’t worry, your diesel tank can’t get empty by using the auxiliary heater. Before this happens, the parking heater switches off. Nevertheless, check your fuel level regularly. Depending on the outside temperature and the desired inside temperature, the parking heater consumes between 0.2l and 0.4l of diesel per hour.

Everything about the water system

You can use the integrated water supply, but the camper must be constantly heated to 8 degrees Celsius, even when you leave the camper. If the temperature drops below 8 degrees, the water in the pipes can freeze and cause serious damage to the camper.

All about winter tires

All our campers have mud and snow (M+S) tires with a tread depth of at least 3 mm. This is sufficient in Germany and most European countries to drive safely in cold weather.

Nevertheless, the laws on the winter tire obligation differ in the European countries and regions. There are some countries that have a situational regulation. In other words, winter tires must be used in snow, slush or ice. Other countries have a time-limited general winter tire obligation. This is usually the case between November and April. In some southern European countries, winter tires may be required at short notice.

We recommend the website of the German government on winter tires in other countries or the website of the ADAC on winter tires and snow chains.

Everything about snow chains

Snow chains can be booked with us for 39€. There is no general obligation in any European country. Snow chains are allowed in all European countries except Ireland. As a rule, you can drive up to 50 km/h with snow chains.

Please check in advance with the ADAC what the rules are regarding snow chains in your country of travel.

Everything about the pop-up roof in winter

With the right equipment, you can sleep in the VW California Ocean and Beach quite cozy warm in the pop-up roof. The CaliCap ensures that the heat stays in the roof tent. The isolation is put over the tent from the outside like a cap. The CaliHeat is a heating tube that is attached to the ventilation of the auxiliary heating and carries the warm air into the roof tent.

You can book the CaliCap for 39€ and the CaliHeat for 29€ as winter equipment.


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