Camping with childern. Let`s go on a weekend trip!

15. May 2020

The days are getting longer, it is getting warmer and the leaves are beginning to sprout. It is the time of year, where were are drawn to nature and even the little one is running around and playing outside. This is the perfect time for the first weekend getaway and doing camping with children.

The upcoming Easter holiday is the perfect opportunity for the first camper van trip of the year. So just pack your bags, call CamperBoys and get on the road? It’s not as easy for us with a toddler. Even if Easter falls at the end of April, we still expect back and forth swings in temperature.


While most people prefer to plan a camping trip with a toddler during the summer months, we are preparing ourselves for different weather forecasts. Although the temperatures at night can plunge at the end of April, we are relying on our camper van for shelter and heat. The VW T6 California Ocean is equipped with a heater and fluffy blankets and pillows can be requested. 
To be on the safe side, we packed warm pyjamas and socks for our toddler.

With our outdoor clothing, we are prepared for “April weather”. In addition to spring equipment, rubber boots, rain jacket and the tested mud pants are packed. This is where we come across our first hurdle. How do you pack enough for a short trip with a toddler and for every weather forecast? 
Here is my advice – you will never be fully-equipped for every weather situation. But we can get pretty close. Packing lists help with bringing only the essentials and asking yourself: “Do we really need this?”


The next point on our list is the route. We want to start from Munich and go somewhere not too far away, but far enough to make it feel like a short vacation. We are planning to head towards Lake Constance, as we also hope for good weather and mild temperatures. Our advice for camping with children: start early! The little one usually falls asleep and arrives rested at the destination. This is also a bonus for us as he doesn’t like car rides and starts crying at a certain point on the journey.


For us, a trip with a toddler in a camper van always includes road trip romanticism and a feeling of freedom when you park the camper van in the great outdoors. For parents with a toddler, this is a feeling that won’t last long. Of course this is a pity, but … and here comes the big BUT… heated sanitary facilities beat the most beautiful places in nature from the moment the diaper is leaking. Let’s not even talk about the smell in the camper van. Therefore, we decided on the campsite.

Further advantages are additional facilities, such as drying rooms or household rooms. Playgrounds on the campsite and meeting other families with children contribute to the recreational factor.
In case we get bored on the campsite, we simply pack our house on wheels and look for a beautiful place in nature. Free and unbound, in spite of threatening diaper disasters.

A weekend with the camper sounds perfect for you and your family?