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We have a great network with cooperations - here you get an insight!

Little Lunch – delicious soups without preservatives!

Cooking in a camper is complex and exhausting? Not with us!

Again this year we have the delicious soups from Little Lunch on board and make your camping holiday easier!

The organic soups with extraordinary and fine taste combinations contain no artificial additives or flavour enhancers. By using as little water as possible Little Lunch brings the maximum vitamin power into your glass.

König Ludwig beers – travel like a king!

End the evening with a view of the mountains and a cool beer – a dream! We think so too!

And that’s why this season again you will find two cool beers from König Ludwig Brauerei n your camper this season again for a perfect evening after an exciting day of camping!

The König Ludwig Schloßbrauerei Kaltenberg, founded by His Royal Highness Luitpold Prince of Bavaria, brews its beers according to the Wittelsbach brewing tradition and with the highest quality standards.

Fausto Coffee Roastery – a must-have on every journey!

What should not be missing on a classic road trip morning? Of course good coffee!

From this season on you will find coffee from the Fausto Kafferösterei plant in your camper!

The coffee roasting plant roasts high-quality green coffee slowly and gently according to the tried and tested drum roasting process. During this process the beans unfold their full flavour and undesirable by-products such as tannic acids are broken down.

Sounds good? Get in and enjoy!

Camping season is barbecue season!

The perfect vanlife evening includes a great pitch with a view and grilled meat or vegetables. What is still missing? Of course the sauce! But we have also taken care of that!

The original recipe of BBQUE combines real American barbecue with Bavarian tradition. The high quality makes the sauces an authentic and exciting taste experience. Bavarian ingredients like beer, malt and hops, but also cranberry and apple give our sauce its characteristic, innovative touch.

The comfort from home for on the go!

Thanks to this stylish camping aid, no one had to freeze in the camper during last season. This year we don’t want to miss the warm and practical blankets from 

The blankets are made of environmentally friendly materials, technologically advanced and highly functional. They can be used in different ways and will keep you warm during your time with one of our campers in any season.

Get off the plane and get in the camper!

With our cooperation partner, Flughafen München, you can start your camping trip in a relaxed way.

The Munich airport “Franz Josef Strauß” is with about 48 million passengers one of the busiest aviation hubs in Europe. About 100 airlines connect it with over 200 destinations in about 70 countries.

The lobby for your holiday!

As a representation of interests for digital tourism, the Verband Internet Reisevertrieb e.V. (VIR) has been campaigning for appropriate framework conditions since 2004. Here, companies from the digital tourism sector and their innovation potential are promoted. A particular focus of VIR is to meet the requirements and needs of consumers.

Empowering Entrepreneurs!

This is the vision of the LMU Entrepreneurship Center (LMU EC).

Its goal is to educate the entrepreneurial leaders of the future, to actively support the creation of successful companies and to promote a culture of entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

From October 2018 to April 2019 we were part of the LMU EC. With a lot of fun we learned everything important about the foundation of a company. Thanks to the intensive support we were able to develop our business idea and accelerate the growth of CamperBoys.

The start-up friendliest place in Munich!

Since October 2019 we have been the proud tenants of an office of the founder centre Werk1. It offers the necessary infrastructure, a comprehensive network and an inspiring start-up atmosphere under one roof. This is complemented by coaching and consulting services, workshops, events and conferences to help founders in their first years.

Innovation – Foundation – Financing

UnternehmerTUM offers founders and start-ups an all-round service from the initial idea to the IPO. A team of experienced entrepreneurs, scientists and managers supports founders in developing their products, services and business models. Here, the experts actively accompany the founders in building up the company, in entering the market and in financing.

By participating in the business plan seminar of the UnternehmenTUM we have received a lot of support in developing our business model up to the financing of the company. With a lot of fun we could expand our knowledge and gain new experiences.

Build the future of Media together!

Media Lab Bayern is an incubator for talents and teams who want to implement innovative ideas in digital media. It promotes the development and foundation of media start-ups and projects that think ahead in digital journalism.

Since January 2020 we are part of the Media Lap support plan and receive support for the development of our app. With a lot of fun we develop the idea behind the app and can gain many new impressions and experiences.