Festival Camping

14. May 2020

We love festivals and we want to enjoy them. We like it warm, dry and cosy. That’s why we have decided on a new Festival Camping Essential, the Camper. And here we tell you why.

We love festivals! Music, happy people and good weather. Actually, that isn’t entirely true. How often have we had to get into our wet tent on rainy days and freezing nights and couldn’t get warm comfortable in our tent? How often have we had to spend a lot of money for cold or bad food? And how often did we have to stand in line for the toilets only to find unhygienic Dixi toilets? Here are our reasons why we are absolutely convinced that going to a festival with a camper van improved the whole experience:


The camper van is our ultimate festival hack. The camper van replaces your tent, mode of transportation to the festival, and you don’t need a big backpack and can save yourself having to carry supplies and crates of beer and beverages. The storage space in the camper van is cleverly designed and includes chairs, a canopy, a built-in kitchen, a cooler and a shower. You don’t have to set up and take down your tent. Everything you need is in one place.

The camper van’s most convincing argument is and remains, the comfortable beds on board. You can leave the sleeping mat and sleeping bag at home. All you need is bed sheets and bed linen. It is like sleeping in your own bed on the road. Our tip: if you are still not warm enough and need more fluffiness, you can put a blanket on the mattress under the bed sheet.


Our camper van has a pre-installed kitchen, so there is no need to rely on canned food, ramen noodles out of a cup or glutamate bombs. The built-in cooling box allows you to bring perishable foods. In case you need more space, you should plan to take another cooling box (for drinks for example). Dry food, like bread and noodles, and fruits and vegetables are best stored in a shady, dry place for three days (we recommend a cooling bag or a cloth bag). If this is too risky for you, you can bring pickled fruits and vegetables.
Our tip: always have enough water and fresh fruit ready to fight that hangover.


What do you think of when you hear hygiene at the festival? Dry shampoo and lots of deodorant? Or wet wipes?
And what do you think when you hear the keyword toilet? We’d rather not think about it. If you want to wash your body and hair, you’ll find a small built-in shower in the camper van. And if you don’t want to use the Dixi toilets, you can use the camping toilet. Our tip: use solid shampoo and shower gel in travel sizes. It saves space, fits in your bag, is recyclable and is not harmful for the environment.


It is not uncommon that you often do not find your tent in the sea of tents. Losing your camper doesn’t happen that fast.
Our top tip: Should you still be scatterbrained or be afraid that your memory will suffer during the festival, get children’s tattoos, cut out the numbers and letters from the number plate and stick them on your body. What also helps are little flags on the canopy or in the window.
The location is also important. Pitches are limited to festivals and therefore need to be booked early enough. Once on the campsite it is important not to park too close to the fences or passageways. The fences and bushes usually serve as a spare toilet, and at the passageway there is an increased probability that the camper will stand in the way of drunks and be damaged. Our top tip: Clarify before departure how the camper is insured.

Your valuables are safer in the camper.
It’s rare for a festival to break into a camper. But nobody can guarantee that. If you don’t want to take your valuables with you, carefully hide them in a safe place.

After the festival, before... before all the cleaning

The fact that the camper is not quite clean after a festival is normal and is part of it. No matter how careful you are, life in a camper is more outside than inside. We recommend to take care that nobody walks into the camper with dirty shoes and wet clothes should be dried outside. Nevertheless it is important to swing the vacuum cleaner and the rag after the festival and to return the camper clean.
Our top tip: Take rubber boots for muddy weather – you have enough space in the camper – and always leave them in front of the camper. You can get in and out easily and thick socks in the camper are enough.

You also want to go to a festival with a camper?