Finding private campsites in Europe – The best apps

14. April 2022

Travelling from campsite to campsite, staying where you like and maybe even staying for an extra day or two. That is the freedom of camping. Nowhere else you can enjoy flexibility like on a road trip with a camper. Camping is a great way to spend your vacation independently. Apps can help you find the best campsites in Europe.

Camping is more popular than ever – and this is good, we think. But the big rush on camping has the disadvantage that many campsites are fully booked and spontaneous traveling is less easy than the years before.

In this blog article, we’ll introduce you to the best apps that will help you to find the best campsites on your next vacation in Europe.

And what about wild camping.... ?

You are traveling with your camper and want to spend the night on a campsite. As you arrived, you are told at the reception that unfortunately the campsite is already fully booked. How do you find a new campsite now and what about wild camping in Germany?

Clearly spoken, wild camping is prohibited in Germany. However, wherever it is not expressly forbidden it is allowed to stop for one night with the camper in order to “restore fitness to drive”. This means that you are allowed to stop for one night until you can drive on again. But only for that short period. You should not give the impression that you want to stay longer – this also means that the camping chairs and the table should remain stowed for the time being.

In many European countries, wild camping is not allowed. In Sweden and Norway, however, the so-called “Everyman’s Right” applies. This states that nature “belongs” to everyone, including guests of the country. However, free standing is subject to certain rules. In Romania and Belarus, on the other hand, camping is allowed without restrictions. So why not travel here for your next camping vacation?

For more information on wild camping in different European countries check out our article “Wildcampen mit dem Camper” (unfortunately only available in German at this time).

Rent your camper now for your next vacation!

Our app recommendations

In order to avoid the problem of searching for a place to stay, many providers have developed apps with which you can find private pitches or campsites. We have taken a close look for you and now present our favorite apps.

Stellplatz-Radar ("Pitch radar")

The app Stellplatz-Radar helps you find private pitches and campsites all over Europe. The app contains more than 12,500 pitches and shows you which RV parks are nearby and how much they cost. The app is available for iOS and Android and costs 0.99 euros for a monthly subscription and 4.99 euros for an annual subscription. It has advanced search filters, a favorites function, and offline maps to help you find the perfect spot for your vacation.

This app offers about 25.000 pitches. It convinces with its simple and clear design and costs 5.49 euros per year in the full version. The offline maps are also available via this version. Among other things, the app also indicates how busy the pitch is. It also has a favorites function and list function. The comment function in particular helps you find the best campsites for your camping vacation.


One very well known app is “park4night“. Park4night offers a wide selection of sites. Nature sites can be searched for in a filtered manner. But you can also find off-road sites or picnic areas via the app. A great feature is the “near me” function. Here, nearby pitches can be found easily. Also, this app has a favorites function. However, the offline version of the app can only be used with the Pro version. This costs 1.99 euros for a monthly subscription and 9.99 euros for an annual subscription.


MyCabin is an app which combines many things. You can either look for a place where you can stay overnight with your tent or your van. You can also offer your own private unused property as a pitch. In this way, local tourism is gently and sustainably promoted and nature is thus preserved. The best thing is that you have close contact with the locals on private campsites and can spend wonderful days in nature far away from mass tourism.


The app Campercontact is ad-free and free in the trial version, the full version costs 6 euros per year. A great feature of the app is that travel routes can be shared with other users of the app. Also, you can save pitches with the favorites function and as well there is the function to find pitches that are near you.

Landvergnügen ("country pleasure")

A farm vacation – brought to you by the Landvergnügen app. To be able to use it, you first have to buy the Landvergnügen catalog, the pitch guide, and you will also receive an annual vignette and a membership card. With the membership number on the membership card, you can log in to the Landvergnügen app. You can then use the app to find farms where you are allowed to stand for 24 hours. This way, you can experience unique regional highlights and take a look behind the agricultural scenes.

Remember: You can only find out which app is the right one for you by trying it out yourself.

We wish you a lot of fun with the apps and your vacation!