Going camping in Croatia – our tips

14. April 2022

Lying in a hammock under pine trees, relaxing on the beach listening to the sound of the sea or leisurely strolling through the alleys of an old town. Sounds dreamlike? It is and the dream can come true with camping in Croatia.

Croatia is one of the most popular destinations for European campers. The nature is beautiful and varied and the cities are steeped in history and full of exciting culture. From national parks with waterfalls to sandy beaches to culture and ancient buildings, when camping in Croatia everyone finds their pleassure.

So, do you now also want to take a break with the camper in Croatia? We do and that’s why we’ll tell you everything you need to know for your camping vacation and also reveal our top 5 campsites.

Arriving in Croatia

Enjoy the journey to croatia!

On your journey through Croatia to the actual destination you will probably already encounter many beautiful places that invite to stay.
Of course, you can choose from many routes. Which route is the most suitable, is different for each camper. From Munich, it is the easiest way to drive via Salzburg, Villach, Ljubljana and then across the border of Croatia. Already on this route there are many beautiful places. Ljubljana for example is the capital of Slovenia and definitely worth a visit.


Road toll is of course an important issue on the way to camping in Croatia and differs from country to country. The use of Austrian freeways and expressways requires a so-called “Vignette”, which can be purchased at almost every gas station in Austria and at gas stations near the border with Austria. The price of the vignette varies depending on the duration of use. In Slovenia, too, a vignette must be purchased in order to use highways or expressways. In Croatia, on the other hand, you take a ticket at the beginning of a toll route, which you hand in and pay for at a machine when you leave the route.


With the camper through Croatia

Once you have arrived in Croatia, you will certainly have to ask yourself which traffic rules are new to you and which you should definitely be careful to follow. In general, it can be said that the traffic rules are not very different from those in Germany. However, you should have a look at the speed limits. The speed is limited to 50 km/h in the city, 90 km/h outside of the city and on the highway you are allowed to drive with a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

By the way, in Croatia you pay with Croatian Kuna. One kuna currently corresponds to 13 ct.

Camping vacation in Croatia

Croatia is without a doubt a very beautiful country with many possibilities and many facets, at any time of the year. Near the coast there is a Mediterranean climate. The summers here are sunny and dry, while winters are humid and mild. The Pannonian Plain is a very flat basin with summer temperatures of 26°C on average. Only in the Dinaric mountain region it gets cooler. Here the temperatures decrease with increasing altitude.



The best time for camping in Croatia is from May to September, because in this period the average temperature is pleasantly warm to summer hot and perfect for warm evenings outdoors and beautiful days on the beach.

Costs and reservations 

The cost of pitches on campsites varies. In the off season you can find pitches from 25 euros per night. In the main season they cost 40 – 60 euros for 2 people with a car.


On the subject of reservations, it all depends on how risk-averse you are. Generally speaking, it is not necessary to make reservations for campsites. But in the high season, a campsite can be fully booked. If you want to take the safe option, it is better to make a reservation in advance. If you want to travel spontaneously, then you can also do without a reservation when camping in Croatia.

Wild Camping 

In Croatia, unfortunately, wild camping is prohibited. To learn more, see our blog article Wildcampen mit dem Camper (currently only available in German). There are heavy fines for violating this law. So it is better to stay on campsites for sleeping. In Croatia, these are usually very well equipped.


Our tip for your camping packing list: Be sure to take bathing shoes with you. The sea in Croatia is turquoise blue and has a pleasant temperature. But watch out, there are sharp stones and sea urchins.

You want to have your own adventure in Croatia?

Places worth visiting in Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful vacation destination, this should now be clear. In addition, there are also highlights that you should definitely see, while camping in Croatia.



The city is located in the south of Croatia and is considered the most beautiful city in the country. It is located directly by the sea and combines beach vacation with a city full of history and a picturesque old town. Worth seeing here are the old city walls, the beautiful old town and the island Lokrum, which is located only a few meters from the old town. It is only 1,600 meters long and 500 meters wide and uninhabited. The beautiful rocky beaches, the Benedictine monastery and a botanical garden are waiting for you.


On the Dalmatian coast of Croatia is Split. The city is known for the Diocletian’s Palace, which dominates the city center, and for its beautiful beaches. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the best preserved monuments of Roman architecture in the world. The old town is also very beautiful and invites you to stroll. The beautiful city of Split should not be missed when camping in Croatia.



Although Croatia is mostly associated with beach vacations, the mainland can also convince  with the beautiful capital of the country: Zagreb. Characteristic for Zagreb is its Austro-Hungarian architecture from the 18th and 19th century. It is composed of the upper town Gornji Grad and the lower town Donji Grad. There are a lot of cafes, restaurants and bars. It’s a great place to observe the hustle and bustle of the city. Also on your to-do list for Zagreb should be Zrinjevac Park. Pack your picnic blanket and head into the green. A little time out there is definitely worth it.

Krka National Park

The nature of the country can be enjoyed very well in the Krka National Park while camping in Croatia. The river of the same name, which flows through the park, forms seven impressive waterfalls. On a small hike you can explore them and many lakes. There is also a Franciscan monastery. It is located on an island in one of the lakes. From the numerous viewpoints you can look at great scenery. The national park is the perfect destination for the whole family, because in some places of the river you can even swim.

Our top 5 campsites in Croatia

Last but not least, our top 5 campsites.
For the perfect camping in Croatia you are missing only one thing: the collection of the best campsites. Below you will find our favorites.


1. Marina Camping Resort 
This resort is located on a small peninsula near the hill town of Labin and the seaside resort of Rabac on the east coast of Istria. This campsite is ideal for diving enthusiasts, active families and guests who like to relax on the beautiful beaches of the peninsula.


 2. Polijana Camping Village
On the island of Losinj, surrounded by deep blue water, lies the Camping Village Polijana. It is perfect for a relaxing vacation with the family, with its kids club, kids disco and sports fields. Due to the island location, the village has several accesses to the water. You can swim as well as rent a boat and explore the surroundings by boat.


3. Jezevac Premium Camping Resort
On the beautiful island of Krk you can enjoy your camping vacation in the Jezevac Premium Resort. It is just a few minutes walk from the old town of Krk. Thanks to the many recreational facilities, such as renting a stand up paddling board or a kayak, you can not only enjoy relaxing evenings in the city. But you can also spend an active vacation with the family.

4. Camp Val Saline
Four kilometers north of the town of Rovinj in the province of Istria, which is known for its Italian charm, lies the Camp Val Saline in a bay. This camping site has numerous pitches for campers, campervans and tents. If you want to spend your vacation not only on the beach, the trips to the surrounding towns of Rovinj and Pula are worthwhile. There you can stroll through the streets and admire old buildings. In Pula there are even the remains of a Roman amphitheater.


5. Camping Čikat 
On the island of Losinj you can stay at the campsite Cikat. The place convices with its 700 meters long rocky beach and proximity to the town of Mali Lošinj. The town is picturesquely beautiful and is known for its natural harbor and promenade. In the harbor basin you will find a variety of cafes and restaurants that invite you to linger.


When planning your trip, you should of course always take note of the current travel warnings. We do not recommend traveling to high-risk areas.


Croatia is the ideal country for a camping vacation and offers with its numerous scenic and cultural facets plenty of opportunities for an unforgettable time. The many small islands are great destinations and the turquoise sea is a dream for diving enthusiasts. For your perfect camping trip in Croatia you are only missing the perfect camper van. You can find and book this camper, and everything else you need through us. Also, to take some of the planning off your hands, we have already put together a packing list for you (currently only available in German).