Our mission

What we strive for

To create the best memories
of a lifetime.

We create memories.

Traveling by camper is for us the definition of adventure, freedom and nature. We want to help you to experience these very special moments, to feel that spark of happiness and to create unforgettable memories.

What we do

We make life an Adventure.
For everyone. Everyday.

Your adventure starts here

Wake up in the middle of nature and start the day into the unknown.
Let yourself drift freely and follow your intuition.
With the camper you get to unknown places and take new perspectives, away from your everyday life – away from the hustle and bustle.
Master the unknown and make new memories every day. This is your adventure.

Our priorities

We do everything to make your trip an unforgettable experience. From the moment of your booking until your return, we are there for you. Enjoy uncomplicated vanlife, comfortable traveling and individual freedom thanks to our reliable support.


First class service and friendly approach


Quality from the big picture to the detail


Sustainable action for our nature


Space and time for unforgettable moments


Share a good time together and have fun

Sustainability Responsibility is our nature.

Die Natur ist unser Freund – Und so behandeln wir sie. Jeder zurückgelegte Kilometer wird bei uns seit Anfang an kompensiert.
Zusätzlich besitzen wir ein Stück Land, auf dem wir regelmäßig Bäume pflanzen und einen ganzen CamperBoys-Wald wachsen lassen.
Durch bewusste Abläufe in Hauptbüro und an Standorten lösen wir Vieles bereits vor der Kompensation. Unser Schlüssel zu einem grünen Unternehmen.