Josy was on tour with Camper Johnny for 2 months in summer 2018! Here she tells you what she experienced on her travels.

Classic day – Go Johnny, go!

The first thing I hear in the morning is the sound of the waves. It is still dark. In the corners of my eyes, you can still find the sand and salt from the previous day. With one reach the trunk is open. I could never get tired of the view, even if Johnny will be standing at a different spot tomorrow.
Most of the time, it’s just the two of us, the sea and the sun. The smell of sea air, dry bushes and the moist ground fills the car and the morning sun awakens. Silence and serenity are spreading, resembling a meditation-like state. Meanwhile, I am holding my first cup of self-brewed coffee. After slowly welcoming the day, we are ready for the first surf of the day. The rule is: the sooner, the better since few surfers are in the water this early. The wetsuit is on, the board is tucked under my arm, and I am off into the salty water.
Bild von Surfer beim Camping am Meer
There is nothing better than feeling the cool salty water on your skin, catching a wave and physically exerting yourself. To be present and enjoy life. The burning of salt water on your skin, the adrenaline rushing through your veins, holding on to the board and anticipating the perfect wave. The will to paddle back out after every wipe-out, doing it better the next time.
Well, maybe I can think of something better: breakfast after a good surf.
Fresh fruit from the local market, muesli, bread and cheese are awaiting us for breakfast. Sometimes we even make scrambled egg in our kitchenette. It is simple and just delicious.
Josy vor dem Bulli beim Camping am Meer
We even brought detergent that is 100 percent biodegradable (e.g. from the Sonett brand) so we can wash the dishes outside without harming the environment. A shovel, a little toilet paper and the nearest bush make a quiet place.
Then we either read and relax, do some shopping or continue driving. If we drive on, we try to drive as toll-free as possible, whether in France, Spain or Portugal. The toll-free roads are usually more beautiful and free of charge. Plus, it is much easier to find a hidden place to spend the night. As you all know, the journey is the destination. If you would rather want to use the highway and want to have a nice place to sleep, the app “park4night” will help. With this app, we have found incredibly beautiful spots for an overnight stopover.
Bild von Joey und Partner
At the end of the day, we prepare a healthy dinner with lots of vegetables. Almost every evening we have rice, noodles, lentils, beans or chickpeas from the can with fresh vegetables, coconut milk and a tablespoon of curry paste. This is how we get our necessary protein. Curry is simple, fast to make and curry paste lasts long and is cheap. When we crave fresh vegetables, we prepare a salad.
After doing the dishes from tonight’s meal, we even take another dip. At night, the sea is a bit rougher and cold. Sometimes a quick cool off before bed is necessary after such a hot day. Hot showers are also necessary at times and no problem with our camper van, since we are equipped with a solar shower. Our bed is always ready. We close our doors and turn on the fairy lights. It doesn’t get any cozier than this.
Bild von traumhafter Aussicht bei Camping am Meer
Thinking back to the places our Johnny has taken us and how far we will go, there is no one we rely on more than our camper van. My eyes are heavy and I start dreaming about our next stop. The sound of the waves is the last I hear before I drifting off to sleep.

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