Our conditions for you

Here you can find all details

Your booking

It only takes six steps for the perfect camping trip.

1. Choose a model
  • Choose between our different models
  • A B-class drivers license is sufficient for all our vehicles
2. Choose a time period
  • Specify time and date
  • Flexible handovers from 8 am - 5 pm every day
  • If a time slot appears grey, it is not available
3. Camper configuration
  • Add bicycle and roof racks
  • Choose additional outdoor and camping equipment
  • Choose blankets and towels
  • Add a child seat
4. Add services
  • Dog campers available
  • Inside cleaning of the vehicle after your trip
  • Park your car at our location while you're gone
  • Cleaning of your private car while you're gone
5. Choose your insurance coverage
  • Fully comprehensive insurance is the standard for all our vehicles
  • All kilometres and drivers included in the price
  • Optionally you can choose one of our carefree insurance packages
6. CO2 compensation
  • Please estimate the number of kilometres of your planned route
  • We compensate every driven kilometre
  • If you want to, you can support us

That’s it! Now you can choose between Paypal, credit card or SOFORT to pay and finalize your booking.

After the completion of your booking you will receive e-mails on a regular basis, which aim to prepare you for your trip.

Pick-up & return

Both the pick-up and the return of the van take place at one of our locations.

  • We await you at the agreed time
  • Arrival by car, public transport or plane
  • The deposit is paid at the rental location
  • Detailed briefing (duration: approx. 45 minutes)
  • Clean the inside of your vehicle (if not booked as an extra service)
  • Empty your fresh and waste water tanks
  • Bring back fully fueled (Our policy: you receive it fully fueled, and so do we)
  • Please plan approx. 20 minutes for the entirety of the return

During your trip

Where am I allowed to go?
  • EU, NOR, GB, CH, LIE and former Yugoslavia
  • All cities thanks to the conformant exhaust emission standard
  • Please keep the obligatory vignette in mind
Who can help me facing problems?
  • Our customer service can be reached 24/7
  • Your very own board book in every camper
  • Claims hotline of the insurance company


You can cancel your trip without any cancellation fee up to 60 days before the start of your rental period, additionally you get your payment back in full. For any cancellations we receive less than 60 days before the start of the respective rental period we have a cost scale, which can be found within our GTC.

Covid-19 Update

To make planning your vacation easier despite the ongoing situation we have updated our cancellation policy:

– Customers who cancel their trip more than 60 days in advance to the start of their rental period get back their payment in full.

– Customers who cancel their trip in between 60 days and 48 hours before the start of their rental period get back their payment in form of a CamperBoys travel voucher which is valid for the next 3 years. In addition there is no extra cancellation fee charged.

These special regulations are an addition to our GTC.

The best trip is one without difficulties!

Should something happen you’re protected under the comprehensive CamperBoys insurance.
Below you can find an overview of our Carefree insurance packages.

Deductible for young drivers (up until 23 years of age)
Deductible under comprehensive insurance*
Liability insurance (Coverage of 100mio€)
Down payment
Unlimited number of kilometers
Unlimited amount of drivers
Mobility warranty
Breakdown insurance in all of Europe
Cracks in the windscreen outside the field of view (up to 2 cm)
Cracks in the windscreen within the field of view
Interior repair
Underbody repair
Tire protection

*Damage resulting from vandalism, use of force or incorrect operation, in particular damage to the awning or pop-up roof is not limited by a maximum deductible. The costs of repairing such damage must be borne in full by the person renting the vehicle. Please also refer to the section “Rental item” and our GTCs. The deductible is due per claim.

Rental prices

Daily rental prices vary depending on the model, season, availability and duration of the rental. You can secure more advantages the earlier you book. With our booking calendar you have full transparency and see at a glance what a camper rental costs in different periods.

Service fee

In addition to the daily rental price there is an obligatory one-time service fee of 95 € per rental resp. 120 € per rental for the Grand California 600 and 680 .
This fee includes the following services:

Extensive briefing at the handover site
Operating fuels like motor oil, AdBlue and gas
Exterior cleaning

If you’re unhappy with our service you can simply demand your service fee back.


Down payment

The deposit is normally 1500€. If you have chosen the Carefree Package “Adventure”, the deposit is reduced to 750€, if you have booked the Carefree Package “Expedition”, the deposit is reduced to 250€. The deposit can only be paid by credit card. After returning the camper, any damages will be deducted from the deposit and the difference will be refunded after the damage has been settled. If there are no damages, you will get the deposit back completely within 21 days.


Long-term discount

You get a discount on all daily rental prices (including the Carefree packages).

From the 8th day of rental 5% off
From the 15th day of rental 10% off
From the 22nd day of rental 15% off


You have more questions? Just give us a call.

+49 (0) 174 1536499