Camper sale 2022

Finally, the time has come!
The CamperBoys 2022 sale starts.

Every year, our rental shop offers you the latest Volkswagen camper models. And at the end of each season, we offer you the opportunity to buy our beloved Bullis. As always, you can rely on top quality and a fair price. All our campers are first-hand and always carefully maintained. They are also professionally checked and prepared before sale.

Buy a VW California at CamperBoys - Your advantages

First hand

New car from 6 months after first registration - German version, no EU import


Mobility warranty & at least 1 year manufacturer's warranty from date of purchase


Optionally, the complete equipment can be taken over for an extra charge

Fair price

The takeover price is significantly below the list price (RRP)


Together with our partner bank, we can offer you favourable financing.


Do you offer financing?

Together with our partner, Bank11, we offer you financing for your camper. With 13,000 partners in the motor trade, Bank11 is a bank that specialises in the motor trade and offers personal loans. However, we would be happy to personally answer any questions you may have about financing.

Can I take a test drive?

Of course you can take a test drive. Why not make an appointment at our Open Camper Days in Munich or Hamburg (date is to be announced) or write to our customer service.

How long is the VW mobility guarantee valid?

The VW mobility guarantee continues to apply from the last service carried out until the time when the next service is due.

Can I buy additional equipment directly from you?

If you want to buy a VW California, you can buy various accessories directly from us. For example, a bicycle rack.

How much does a camper cost?

The cost of our campers depends on the mileage of the campers and the type of model. But together we will surely find the best deal for you.

How many kilometres do the cars already have on them?

It depends on how much the camper has been on the road. Most of our campers have between 15,000 and 25,000 km on the road.

How old are your campers?

Our oldest year of construction is 2020, but most of our campers are built in 2021. We will find out together what is the right choice for you.

Do campers also exist without a kitchen?

No, all our models have a kitchen. In the California Beach, however, it can be stowed away quite easily.

Do the campers have a trailer coupling?

No, none of our campers have a trailer hitch. However, a few of our campers have a preparation for a trailer hitch.

Do you also have the California Ocean 4Motion on offer?

The VW California Ocean 4Motion convinces with its all-wheel drive and we also have some models of this type in our fleet that you can buy.

Is a navigation device integrated in the campers?

Yes, all campers have a navigation system included.

How are the campers equipped?

In the equipment lists of our campers you will find all the information about the equipment. You can find them in the detailed view of the different models.

How much horsepower do your campers have?

The VW California Beach has 150 hp, the VW California Ocean 150 hp (without all-wheel drive) or 200 hp (with all-wheel drive) and the Grand California 177 hp.

What type of registration do the campers have?

Our Grand California and the California Ocean & Beach have motorhome registration.

Do all campers have a wet room?

No, only the Grand California has a complete wet cell and an additional outside shower. The California Ocean and the WunderVan Camper are equipped with an outside shower.

Do the campers have a 230-volt connection?

All our campers have at least one 230-volt connection.

Is there a second battery?

Yes. All our campers have a second battery. The California Oean even has a second & third battery. Our WunderVan and the Grand California also have a solar system on the roof.

Do all your T6.1 models have a pop-up roof?

Yes and no. The California Beach and the California Ocean both have a pop-up roof.

Do the campers have 'AdBlue'?

Yes, all our campers have ‘AdBlue’.

Is a parking heater included in the campers?

Yes, the Grand California runs on gas and our other campers on diesel.

What is the average fuel consumption?

The fuel consumption of our California Beach and Ocean without all-wheel drive is 7.8 – 9 litres per 100 km. The California Ocean with all-wheel drive 8.4 – 9.7 litres per 100 km and the Grand California 8.3 – 10.5 litres per 100 km.

Would you like to take a closer look at our campers? No problem. Simply make an appointment at our locations in Munich and Hamburg.

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Customer testimonial of the month

What a luck!

Last year I bought a camper from the 2020 fleet of Camper Boys and fulfilled my childhood dream. Contact and purchase very uncomplicated via phone and WhatsApp. We met in person to pick up the camper in Munich.

The many tours in recent months to Italy, Austria, Switzerland and within Germany have confirmed that these are virtually refurbished almost-new vehicles with only intelligently selected special accessories on board. And that was important to me as a first-time buyer. I have learned to appreciate all the optional extras on the 6 trips I have made so far and I wouldn’t want to do without them. In no case would I want to be without a camper again. It feels so good to be able to travel spontaneously, and having the camper at your doorstep in everyday life puts you in a good mood anyway.

Ralf G.