The Trip Planner

We all know how stressfull,
travel planning can be.

Get your holiday custom planned by us! Our travel designers plan your individual route - no matter if you travel with a rented camper or your own.

Make the most of your holiday

Don't waste time planning your trip and make the most of your valuable holiday time.


We tailor your trip to your individual interests and needs.


We give you inspiration for campsites, restaurants and activities along your route.

Your personal travel guide

With the CamperBoys Trip Planner, we can design your individual, digital travel guide. No matter where you want to go or what you want to do on your trip - we got you covered.

We tailor the trip to your wishes and provide you with suggestions and inspiration for stops, campsites, restaurant and activities.

Book camper & Trip Planner

Four steps to an individual journey

Let our travel designer plan your personalised itinerary with a selection of magnificent stops, campsites, activities and restaurants.

1. Book Trip Planner

When booking your camper you can choose the Trip Planner for 12€ per day. If you have already rented your camper or are traveling with your own van, you can book the Trip Planner as ad-on.

2. We get in touch

We will send you a questionnaire to find out as much as possible about what you expect from the trip. Afterwards you will have a chat with one of our travel designers to fine tune your trip.

3. Let us do the planning

Our travel designer create the trip according to your ideas. The travel destinations, itinerary, stops along the way, campsites, restaurants and activities - so everything is covered.

4. Your Itinerary

You will receive your finished itinerary as a pdf, via a web link and / or via the Trip Plans app. This way you always have your personal digital travel guide at hand and know where your adventure is heading next.

The Trip Planner includes:

  • Travel inspiration
  • A personalized itinerary with stops
  • Sights at the stops
  • Restaurant/cafe recommendations
  • Campsite suggestions
  • Recommendation for activities in the area

FAQ Trip Planner

1. How much does the Trip Planner cost?

The route Trip Planner cost 12€ per day. Regardless of whether you book a camper with us or travel with your own camper.

2. What does the Trip Planner include?

The Trip Planner is tailored to you and your wishes. It includes an itinerary with various stops, tips on local sights and activities, as well as parking and restaurant recommendations.

Why should I choose the Trip Planner?

There are a lot of reasons for that!

– You don’t have to spend time planning your trip beforehand, as we take care of that.
– We put together an itinerary that is tailored to your needs and wishes.
– Our travel designers know a lot of places that you might have not thought of yourself (insider tips).
– You can make the most of your valuable holiday time without having to look up anything en route.
– If you have no or very little camping experience, it can often be very overwhelming to browse through all the travel blogs, camping forums, travel guides, etc.. Let us do that for you and filter out the information you really need!

4. I booked the Trip Planner. What's next?

One of our travel designers will get in touch and send you a questionnaire to find out as much as possible about you and what you expect from your holiday. Afterwards you will finalise your itinerary in a short phone call. As soon as your trip is ready, you can access it in the app (Trip Plans by Travefy), as a web link or we send you a PDF.

5. Do you also book pitches and camp sides for me?

No, our Trip Planner gives you inspiration and recommendations. You can decide for yourself when and where you want to spend the night.

6. Until how many days before departure can I book the Trip Planner?

Since we create each trip individually, please let us know 2 weeks before your want to start your holiday. On request and depending on the length of your holiday. We can also arrange trip planning on shorter notice. There is no limit to the top, you can book the trip planner as early as you want.

7. How many days before departure will I receive my itinerary?

This depends on how far in the future your departure date is at the time of booking. Usually, you will receive your itinerary 1-2 weeks before departure. For bookings on short notice (see also question 6) you will receive your itinerary upon individual agreement.

8. I have received the finished itinerary and now I want to go somewhere else. Can you adjust the route?

If you decide to go somewhere else (e.g. because of the weather) we can put together a new itinerary for you, depending on capacity. Please note that we will have to charge you for the new itinerary. If the rescheduling takes place at very short notice, we may only be able to send you the new itinerary the day before your departure.

Our customers

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The Trip Planner primarily inspired us to go places and experience things we wouldn't have planned before.


Above all, the trip planner inspired us to go places we haven’t even heard of or thought about before.

Petra & Manfred

This was our first time travelling with a camper, the Trip Planner took the stress out of organising our holiday beforehand and enriched our trip in many ways.


Really good tips, without spending hours looking for activities and pitches.



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