The CamperBoys Trip Planner

Travel planning can be stressful,
we know that

Therefore, let us plan your vacation individually!

Use your travel time

Don't waste time planning your vacation and make the most of your valuable travel time.

Travel individually

Travel according to your needs and interests on your personal and individual travel route.

Get inspired

We give you inspiration for campsites, stops restaurants and activities on your route.

Your personal travel guide

We build your individual, digital travel guide with the CamperBoys trip planner. North, South, West or East - no matter if you want outdoor activities, culture or just relax on your trip.

The route is tailored to you and gives you suggestions, ideas and inspiration for stops, campsites, activities and lots of adventure.

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Four steps to an individual journey

With the CamperBoys Trip Planner, our travel designer plans your personalized route with a selection of terrific stops, campsites, activities and restaurants.

1. Camper booking

You can select the Trip Planner for 12€ per day as an additional service when booking your camper.
You can also book it later via the contact form.

2. Get in contact

We will send you a questionnaire to find out as much as possible about your vacation wishes. Afterwards there will be a final interview with our travel designers.

3. We plan

Our travel designer puts the trip together individually according to your ideas. Route, stops, pitches, restaurants and activities - everything is thought of!

4. Your Route

You will receive your finished route as a pdf, via a web link and / or via the Trip Plans app. This way you always have your personal digital travel guide at hand.

The Trip Planner includes:

  • Travel inspiration
  • Personalized route suggestion with stops
  • Sights at the stops
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Campsite tips
  • Recommendation for activities in the area
Book camper & Trip Planner

FAQ Trip Planner

1. What does the Trip Planner cost?

The route Trip Planner 12€ per day. Regardless of whether you book a camper with us or travel with your own camper.

2. What does the Trip Planner include?

The Trip Planner is tailored to you and your wishes. It includes an itinerary with various stops, tips on local sights and activities, as well as parking and restaurant recommendations.

Why should I choose the Trip Planner?

There are a lot of reasons for that!

– You don’t have to spend time before departure, because we take care of the planning.
– We put together an itinerary that is individually tailored to your needs.
– Our travel designers know a lot of places that you might not have thought of yourself (insider tips).
– You can make the most of your valuable vacation time without having to do any research on the spot.
– If you have no or very little camping experience, it can often be very overwhelming to browse through all the travel blogs, camping fora, travel guides, etc.. We take you by the hand and bring light into the dark.

4. I booked the Trip Planner. What is happening next?

One of our travel designers will send you a questionnaire after booking the route service to find out as much as possible about you and your vacation wishes. Afterwards you will have a short phone call to agree on the final itinerary. As soon as your route is ready, it will be sent to you. You can easily access it in the app (Trip Plans by Travefy), as a web link or PDF.

5. Do you also book pitches and camp sides for me?

No, our Trip Planner gives you inspiration and recommendations. You can decide for yourself when and where you want to spend the night.

6. Until how many days before departure can I book the Trip Planner?

Since we create each route individually, please calculate with a lead time of 2 weeks. On request and depending on your travel duration, shorter bookings are also possible.

7. How many days before departure will I receive my completed itinerary?

This depends on how far in the future your departure date is at the time of booking. Normally you will receive your itinerary 1-2 weeks before departure. For short-term bookings (see also question 6) you will receive your route after individual agreement.

8. I have received the finished itinerary and now I want to go somewhere else. Can you adjust the route?

If you decide to go somewhere else (e.g. because of the weather) we can plan a new route for you, depending on capacity. Please note that we will have to charge you for the new route. If the rescheduling should also take place at very short notice, there is the possibility that we can send you the route only one day before departure.

Our customers

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The Trip Planner primarily inspired us to go places and experience things we wouldn't have planned before.


This was our first time traveling by camper, the Trip Planner took the stress out of trip planning and generally made it extremely easy for us.

Petra & Manfred

Incredibly beautiful pitches that we would never have found otherwise, although we are often on the road with the camper.


Really good tips, without spending hours looking for activities and pitches.


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